Pretty in Pink

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Pretty in Pink Pack:

What's Included:

The perfect pastel pink everyone is taking about.

  • 1 x Journey Hydration Treatment 
  • 1 x Pink Colour Cream 
  • Free Shipping

Easy to use. 

How it works:  squeeze 1/4 of the tube into a bowl then squeeze 1/2 a tube of journey tube or more until the desired pink

Evenly apply to dry hair over areas you wish to be pink.

Leave on for 20 minutes. 

 Rinse shampoo once and then conditioner.

* only works on blonde hair

* careful when applying to porous hair as it will go brighter. Around hair line I      would add a little more journey to your mixture.


Do you want that perfect pastel pink that everyone is talking about?

We have got you covered with an easy two product application!


- Ammonia free

- Shiny

- 2 treatments in one

- You chose the intensity

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